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YOKOHAMA/JIDOKI Y-77-A-2-260 Doy Pouch Filler & Packer (Retortable)

This machine was previously used for instant cup noodles. It is a retortable Doy Pouch Filler & Packer
The machine is equipped with two filling pumps and an automatic solids feeder which completely eliminates the inconvenience of filling solids by hand.

Products which cannot be weighed automatically, solids contained in prepared foods and agricultural, marine and livestock produce, can all be measured into specific cups and delivered on a conveyor.

These solids are then automatically placed in the bags by the automatic solids feeder and the empty cups are returned to the work table. Once the empty bags are set in the bag feeder they are taken, date stamped, opened, filled with solids, liquids or pastes, emptied of air, heat sealed and discharged as finished products, all by a single unit.

The labour saving is enormous. The filler is equipped with a special patented nozzle cutter which prevents dripping after filling with liquids or pastes.

The entire filler can be stripped down and cleaned with ease. Bag size can be adjusted with a single control operation and no fine tuning and the
machine can handle multiple bag sizes. Standing pouches can be opened completely by a special opening device.

The machine can be expanded to form a production line with the addition of an automatic solids feeder, cup washer, checker, channelizer, metal detector, computer scaling and other options.

Further optional mechanisms are
available for handling zipper bags and bags with spouts.

Capacity: 28~35 bags per minute (Product Dependent)
Filling Volume: 30~230g

Bag Dimensions: 170~230 (L) x 125~150 (W) mm
(4-sided Bag)
Power Consumption -
Heaters: AC200V, 400W x 4
Motor: AC200V, 3w , 0.75kW
Vacuum Pump: AC200V, 3w,0.75kW

Product Discharge Conveyor: 0.1 kW
Control Panel - With cam controller, power surge breaker, sequencer, product counter, heater and fuse indicator.
Hopper: 60L
Automatic solids feeder: Model one, model two (forced -feed type)
Date Printer: Ink Stamp
Machine Dimensions: 2,950 (L) x 1,590 (W) x 1,529 (H) mm
Machine Weight: Approx. 1,500kg

Year of manufacture 1997
Size/Capacity:28-30 Bags per minute, product dependant
Stock Number:PVFF7796S
Serial Number:1071

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