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IOPAK iopouch PM450 Doy Pouch Machine (Maxidoy)

iopouch PM450, itâ™s all in the bag with many great features!
- Ideal for large bag packaging
- Suitable for a wide range various film thicknesses for PE film bags
- Rapid output from pre-made bags
- Piab suction cup with vacuum tester
- Large air cylinder holds pre-made bags to ensure a flat perfect seal
- Suitable for flat-bottom handled bags
- All stainless steel design
- Suitable for packing powdered, granulated or block materials like rice, coffee, soybean, etc.

Type of Pre-made Bag: Three-side Sealed Bag
Width of Bag: Min/Max 250mm-420mm
Length of Bag: Min/Max 250mm-500mm
Max Product Weight: 25Kg
Air Consumption: 200lts/min 7.1CFM
Speed of Packaging: 1-10 packs/min
(Product Dependent)
Dimensions: 1000 x 990 x 840 mm
Power: 1.5KW 9A
Net Weight: 200kg
Gross Weight: 260kg
Power required: 50Hz/240V Single-Phase
Also suitable for 2 handled pouches
and zip pouches (bottom fill)

Call sales for more information: +61 3 9791 7011
Model:iopouch PM450
Size/Capacity:Speed of Packaging: 1-10 packs/min
(Product Dependent)
Stock Number:PVFF15948S
Serial Number:15948/6/12
Condition:Brand New

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